Beginner Ski Instruction – Are You In Shape?

We receive a common question every year in a variety of forms. They all boil down to this: do I need to be in shape to learn to ski? Beginner ski instruction has little to do with one's physical shape, athleticism, or weight. While a healthy lifestyle has numerous benefits, the lack of them rarely cause issues when skiing. Think about it. You're going "downhill" with slippery sticks strapped to your feet - how physically prowess do you need to … [Read more...]

Beginner Ski Instruction – The Balancing Act

We talk about balance a lot in relation to ski techniques and beginner ski instruction. Without it, we'll simply never learn to ski. Yet, many ski lessons focus on technical discussions. Let's try to simplify the concept of balance in regards to downhill skiing. When you're standing in your sneakers you're balanced over your feet regardless of your shoe size - 7" or 14". When you take a step forward you flex your ankle forward and balance on … [Read more...]

The Best Ways for Kids to Learn to Ski

I was talking with my dad (the real ski expert) about the best ways for kids to learn to ski. My kids are getting to that age and I was wondering whether I should teach them or send them for ski lessons. I thought he would tell me to just do it. He didn't... "Leave it to the pros," he said. Today's ski mountains and resorts are well-equipped to teach kids to ski. From getting them into their ski equipment to dealing with their "uniqueness," … [Read more...]

Learn To Ski – Three Simple Tips to Get in Shape

Learning to ski well requires balance. While strengthening your body is important, it’s secondary. No matter how strong you are, if you don’t ski balanced you’ll be wiped out at the end of the day – if not sooner. If you’ve wondered why lots of skiers head for the lodge by early afternoon, it’s because they‘re not skiing properly and thus tiring their bodies too quickly. Following are three tips/exercises to enhance your … [Read more...]

Beginner Ski Instruction – Day One

We all want to hit the snow skiing like experts, but, for the beginner, it's important to have the proper expectations of ski instruction. The first day you'll focus on stopping and turning. A good instructor can show you fundamental ski techniques quickly and easily that will get you off to a great start. Take the time to absorb these basics... [ad#ad-2-track] We learn to ski in parts - not the whole. At the end of your first day you should be … [Read more...]

Beginner Ski Instruction

Often, still, many beginners are taught the wedge (or snow plow) technique to turn during ski instruction. While this is perhaps beneficial to an extremely fearful, brand-new skier, it's a lesson that does more harm than good and will inhibit you from learning to ski well, faster... [ad#ad-2-track] Turning on skis correctly is just like walking, something we all do without thinking. When we walk and turn left, we lead with our left foot and our … [Read more...]

Downhill Skiing For the First Time?

If you're about to ski for the first time - Great! There are lots of these to consider, but let's keep it simple. These 3 guidelines will help you have a great experience... 1) Pick your day - midweek is best. There will be less crowds, less traffic, shorter lift lines, lunch lines...etc. All of this makes for a good day skiing. 2) Take skiing lessons. You'll get personalized service, and be able to ask questions and address specific … [Read more...]