Online Ski Lessons – Waking Up Your Muscles

Now is the perfect time to get your body ready for some downhill skiing. The following online ski lessons will focus on reawakening the right muscles so you can start the ski season off right. While you may be in shape from all your summer activities, the muscles that matter most for skiing often don't get used as much with summer sports. The following exercises are great ways to prepare your body. [ad#ad-2-track] 1) Bike riding - the … [Read more...]

Downhill Ski Techniques – Stay Fit All Year Long

Whether you're just learning to ski or a seasoned downhill expert, staying in shape (in specific ways) is key. Now, most of us only get to ski a few months out of the year, so we risk losing the ski techniques we've been practicing. There's no need to worry! A great spring/summer/fall activity to improve your downhill skiing is inline skating. Many of the muscle and body movements are fantastic ski techniques. To get started, find an empty … [Read more...]

The Fastest Way to Learn to Ski

If you want to learn to ski quickly, you must first learn to walk – with snow skis on! Take a ski lesson so you can learn what’s called “Stepping” from a professional ski instructor. There are two fundamentals you’ll learn during your first day of ski instruction – stopping and turning. The Stepping Drill (walking) is the gateway to this. The process involves lots of, well, stepping. When we walk (with shoes on) and turn left, we lead with our … [Read more...]

Ski Techniques – Staying Warm in the Freezing Cold

As fun as it is to ski, it’s a cold activity. Without proper gear, precautions, and practices, you're day can go "downhill" fast. Following are three simple downhill skiing techniques that will help you stay warm all day, as much as possible anyway in the middle of winter.  [ad#ad-2-track] First, while we’re often anxious to get as many runs in as possible, it’s best not to shoot straight to the top of the mountain for your first run of the … [Read more...]

Learn To Ski Moguls

Simple Techniques to Learn to Bump Ski: There are two primary exercises that will help you learn to ski moguls quickly and easily: Side Slipping and Pivot Turns. That's it! If you are nervous, and wondering if you can pull it off - that's ok. You can start practicing right in your living room... What's great about these two ski techniques is the control you'll have. You don't have to let the moguls toss you on your but. With a different … [Read more...]

Ski Techniques – What You Really Need to Do

If you have taken a ski lesson, you've likely heard your instructor say: "Let your upper body fall down the hill." Or, "pretend your floating through the snow." Do these metaphors really help you ski better? No. These remarks make perfect sense to the ski instructor, but mean little to the average skier. There are no secret ski techniques to better skiing - there are only the basics - and this is a good thing... If you really want to learn … [Read more...]